Imagine shifting your body weight from left to right, front to back, and whichever way you decide to lean is the direction in which you’d move. That’s how intuitive it was to learn how to navigate our mighty, big, battery-run machines on our Niagara Segway Tour in Rennie Park in Port Dalhousie.

niagara segway tour

Getting Started

It took just about 10-minutes for our training session and getting fitted with our safety helmets.

niagara segway tour

We then zoomed across a bridge over the Welland Canal to Jaycee Garden Park.

niagara segway tour

Halfway across, Archie, our guide and now retired owner of Niagara Segway (New owner is Guitou Don), stopped our group to show us the waterway and pointed out how the river locks system works. He was very knowledgeable about Port Dalhousie, having grown up in the area with his family.

niagara segway tour

Outdoor Museum

There were monuments spread throughout the park, like an interactive outdoor museum. One memorial that Archie showed us on our Segway tour was for the fallen victims of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, a tragic series of murders that occured in the early 90s in Port Dalhousie.

niagara segway tour

Another sculpture on our Segway tour was dedicated to individuals who had passed in the atomic bombings of Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

niagara segway tour

Each monument shared a heart-felt historical moment in history and emphasized the importance of community. Even the most tragic times in history brought the Port Dalhousie community together to remember those who were lost.

Park Wildlife

Aside from monuments, another plus to this tour was the ability to see undisturbed park wildlife. Our Segways were so quiet, that we zipped by a family of geese walking across the path’s side with their goslings, and they weren’t bothered or afraid of us at all, making for an easy photo-snapping opportunity.

niagara segway tour

Natural Beauty

Overall, what made this Segway tour special and memorable was the conversations, about the history, culture, and nature of Port Dalhousie. The monuments along the way added a special touch to remember tragedies of the past, but our tour showed us there was a bright, blooming future ahead for Port Dalhousie, in all of its natural beauty.

Park goers were walking their dogs, biking, jogging, and cheerfully enjoying the outdoor summer sunshine, and whenever we passed them, we always heard them shout, “That looks so cool! I want to try a Segway tour!”

 * All expenses for this trip were provided for by the Owner, so please keep this in mind, however, I did tell Archie beforehand I was going to write honestly about our experience.

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