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Meet our team and contributors


Debra Weinryb

Debra has over 7 years of professional work experience in communications, journalism, and digital content creation, having worked in both agency and client-side positions.

Some of her previous roles include communication consulting for a NYC PR firm, assisting with communications for the Regional Municipality of York, and contributing editorial for the Markham Review Newspaper, as well as independent communications consulting for small business.

Ever since Debra graduated with her honours degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto, she wanted to find a way to apply her knowledge of environmental ethics and responsibilities to the real world to make a real difference.

Debra pursued a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communications from Seneca College and graduated the Accelerator for Centennial Community Entrepreneurs and Leaders program (ACCEL) at Centennial College, where she developed the concept for Ecotour Magazine to promote international opportunities for getting involved in the Canadian Ecotourism sector. Following, she completed a Travel Writing course at George Brown College continuing education.

With Ecotour Magazine, Debra is pursuing her passions for writing, travel, and the environment by sharing her personal Canadian Ecotour experiences. She hopes to inspire others with responsible and meaningful trip ideas that promote environmental conservation and education, while also supporting local communities and businesses.

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Justin Arjune
Videographer & Photographer

Justin Arjune is a Canadian filmmaker with an extensive background in documentary filmmaking. Finding new and interesting compositions, working with light, shadow, and colour are what sets his heart on fire – just watch him work for yourself and you’ll see.

During his career, Justin found a passion for creating work that challenges the current state of the world on its socio-cultural, economic, environmental, and spiritual levels. He wants to share work that shifts our consciousness to new perspectives on the human story.

Justin has a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Cinema studies from York University, and has filmed everything from documentaries to commercials, short fiction films, music videos, and series. His work has been broadcasted regularly across television channels such as TVO, CP24, CTV, OMNI and TLN, and featured in festivals such as Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, New York Independent Film Festival, and Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival.

With Ecotour Magazine, Justin provides video and photography strategy, capturing special, magical moments as they happen. Whether canoeing, hiking, or biking, there is nowhere Justin will not go without his camera.

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Ben Lindo

Ben has over 10 years of experience specializing in quality-customized photography. Depending on the day, you can find Ben capturing pictures of people, fashion headshots, special events, product and food photography, car photography, and weddings.

Causes that Ben cares about and which he loves to bring attention to in his work include animal welfare, the environment, humanitarian relief, social action, healthy eating, and fair trade coffee – but really, Ben knows how to make a satisfying cup of cappuccino.

Ben holds a diploma in Digital Media Technical Production from Seneca College where he studied everything computer related from computer programming, to design and editing. He has worked with many photography clients including RightDrive Inc., Heritage Retreats, Spiral Beach band, YMCA Toronto, Muse 8 Carnival, Nava Bar and Grill, as well as with several music solo artists, and various wedding photography clients.

Ben captures travel photography in action for Ecotour Magazine, whether its zipping across a treetop canopy tour, climbing a hill, or meandering in a forest, Ben knows how to frame the shots while the team is discovering new places, laughing, and having fun.

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Melanie McGregor
Travel Coordination Assistant

Melanie’s career path started at the age of four, when she was already performing on stage. To this day, Melanie performs in many different areas including on stage, on camera, as a dance instructor, and as a business entrepreneur.

She has a big heart for making people smile, in which her love for travel really started to come into place. After winning “Miss Tourism Canada,” Melanie was asked to represent Canada in Thailand at “Miss Tourism World”, in Ecuador at “Miss United Continents”, and in China at “Miss Tourism International”.

Melanie has a degree in Communications and a minor in Dramatic Arts from Brock University. As well as a Marketing Media Management diploma from Centennial College. She also has participated in Centennial College’s ACCEL program and the City of Toronto’s Starter Company program for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Melanie coordinates travel and provides on-site creative assistance for Ecotour Magazine. There’s nothing Melanie enjoys more than a good adventure where she can learn about different environments, cultures, and traditions.

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Shannon Mandel
Travel Coordination Assistant

Shannon is a marketing communications professional. She currently works as a Content Marketing Specialist with TripSpark Technologies. Her previous roles include investor relations for Progressive Waste Solutions, and editorial work for TalentEgg.ca

Her educational background includes a Post Graduate Certificate in corporate communications and public relations from Centennial College, a BA in geography and a Bachelor of Education Degree, both from York University.

Shannon assists Ecotour Magazine with travel coordination and on-site creative assistance. 

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Derek Chan
Graphic Design

Derek is a graphic designer by trade. Some of his favorite past work includes creating new fonts, making event posters, logos and magazine layouts.

He graduated with a Bachelor in Graphic Design from York University, and as well completed the Centennial College’s ACCEL program for entrepreneurs and leaders.

When Derek isn’t graphic designing, he teaches kung fu in the style of Wing Chun in Canada. As an instructor, he hopes to teach others how to protect themselves effectively with real life applicable skills and techniques for combat and self-defense situations.

Derek provides creative direction for Ecotour Magazine’s website regarding logo and social media graphics, colors, and layout.

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