McGregor’s Pub & Grill opened last year, on April 18, 2016, located just 5-minutes away from St. Catherines in Vineland. Our team wanted to find a local restaurant that we could recommend for visitors of Bonnybank Bed & Breakfast, as part of our Niagara Region Tour, and Carla, Bonnybank’s owner, suggested this venue to us based on the premise that it was a newly opened venue to check out, just a few minutes away from her BnB.

Kyle’s Founding Story

We interviewed Kyle, McGregor’s Owner, to find out his backstory in opening McGregor’s. He told us that he had managed hotels for the last 25 years, and after a bad car accident, he decided it was time to buy his own place. So he found a property that was being leased by a high-end fine dining restaurant, and turned it into an affordable and cheerful pub-style atmosphere, something the neighbourhood urged for, but was clearly missing.

Caesar salad (Photo: Lindo Photography)

Onion rings (Photo: Lindo Photography)

Family-Inspired Food

We asked Kyle about the reasoning behind the restaurant’s Scottish theme. We liked the décor, as it felt very homey. “The Fish and Chips is my aunt’s recipe. The Cockie Leekie soup is my dad’s recipe,” said Kyle. “We wanted to have that Scottish flavour, so the pictures in the pub are from the Glasgow Gorbals, a poor area that was struck hard from the war, but yet all the kids are playing. We also have family swag and pictures up on the wall.”

Glasgow Gorbals (Photo: Lindo Photography)

Keeping it Local

One main draw for us to visit this restaurant was its local food offerings, building a sense of community support, and shortening the time between farm to table. “We do use local produce from local farmers, and all our wines are from local wineries,” said Greg.” We also have craft brewers and try to keep it local whenever we can. There’s really nothing too complicated here. This is a very proud area near where I grew up in St. Catherines.”

(Photo: Lindo Photography)

Beer on tap (Photo: Lindo Photography)

Ben’s Food Review

“When in the Niagara area and you’re looking for a place to grab a beer, hangout and eat, McGregors Pub is a great local option,” commented Ben.

“I think they’re raising the bar on ‘bar foods’. The prices and portions were good. I like that they use some traditional family recipes and make things from scratch with ingredients from local sources; it gives the food a sense of authenticity.”

(Photo: Lindo Photography)

Grilled cheese (Photo: Lindo Photography)

About McGregor’s Pub & Grill

McGregor’s is an affordable and friendly pub & grill in Vineland, Ontario. They offer a variety of food options, including Scottish themed foods, and a wide selection of craft brews and wines produced by local farmers and craft brewers.

For more information on McGregor’s Pub & Grill, you can check out their Facebook page

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