Seeking survey participants

If you haven’t already heard, Debra Weinryb, Editor-in-Chief of Ecotour Magazine, is conducting a primary research survey to better understand customers’ preferences, behaviors, and needs, when it comes to selecting vendors for travel to Canada.

If you’d like to contribute to research that will better serve Canadian tour operators, associations, and industry professionals, with understanding travelers’ preferences and behaviors when visiting Canada, please book a time to speak to Debra by phone or Skype here.

This research is open to Canadians, as well as Americans, Europeans, and other folks of various geographic backgrounds who frequently visit Canada.

Seeking organizational partnerships

Debra will be preparing a comprehensive analysis, which may be at a small cost, but a summary will be provided free of charge to organizations that wish to partner with Ecotour Magazine on this survey.

If an organization is not able to share their client list with us, which will be kept private – We will accept a partnership as simply sharing our survey link on your website. If requested, we can create a custom-designed partnership survey link

ie. EcotourMag + [Your Organization’s Name] is conducting a traveler survey.

Accepting giveaway prizes

We are accepting giveaway prizes, such as gift-cards, swag, or experiences (We love experiences!), as an incentive for travellers to participate in our research survey, and for your organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of what travellers want in Canada.

If you have any questions, or want to send us a prize and need our mailing address, send an email to